As of 8.17.14
The litter of puppies that was stolen…
It’s hard to believe that the puppies are now 7 months old…
We can only hope that they are in a good home and being taken care of!
If anyone has any information as to where one of the puppies may be, please contact me!

The year of 2014 has been a tough time for us here at Turbo Mastiffs. Having the litter of puppies stolen from us has been rather traumatizing.
We want to thank our family, friends and Turbo Mastiff Puppy Families for all of the support, encouragement, kind words and love that you have offered us.
Justin & I have taken the past four months to simply kick back and “enjoy” our Mastiffs, that we truly treasure.
I wanted to share that it is now time to pick up and get back into the groove of things…
We will begin breeding again very soon.
We ask that anyone interested in one of the upcoming breedings to please email us for pricing and information.
Waiting lists have been started for all breedings.
We ask that Turbo Mastiff families please share the word about our upcoming breedings!
We will gradually be adding pages back to our website for everyone to enjoy!
Many people have commented on missing all of the pictures.
The litter that was stolen in February 2014
The parents to this litter were Harley & Pretty Girl
I pray that no breeder ever has to experience this
One puppy was recovered and is living the life of a princess with her new forever family.
It truly breaks my heart that these puppies were not able to be with the families that I had chosen for them.
I will remain searching for the other six puppies.
I can only wish for peace knowing they are being taken care of and living a happy life.

UPDATE on stolen puppies…
The puppy known to us as “CALLIE”
has been recovered!
She is safely in her new forever home
with her amazing family!
We are still searching for the remaining 6 puppies.


REWARD if found!

Our home in Canton, TX was broken into on


Many personal items were taken along with our litter of mastiff puppies

If you see these pups for sale (online or in person)

PLEASE contact me!


phone 214-957-7752


Boys: 2 Brindle, 1 Fawn

Girls: 2 brindle, 1 fawn, 1 apricot

Thank you for your help, let’s bring these babies home!

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone