Here at Turbo Mastiffs, we strive to produce healthy happy puppies to bring families years of precious memories. We hope your new addition to your family blesses you with many smiles and giggles, laughter & happiness.

In February 2012, we lost someone who was very dear & precious to our hearts.

His name was Lee Earl Steadman. He indeed blessed us with many smiles and giggles, laughter & happiness. We will miss him terribly, but we will cherish the memories, wisdom and knowledge that he has blessed us with. I am very honored to have had him in my life & am truly blessed to have been so close to him and his family.

Gus, our first stud dog here @ Turbo, was originally owned by Lee & his wife Pauline. They are both very close to me and they awarded me with Gus around his 2nd birthday.

Gus & Sami Jo produced our very 1st litter in May of 2009. We were very excited about this litter.

The following pictures were of Lee and the puppies as they grew the 1st 6 weeks of their life.

This was taken when this puppy was only a few hours old.

Sami Jo was still in labor.


Puppies were 2 weeks old

Puppies were 4 weeks old

This was at 6 weeks old

(Yes Lee had on same shirt! But it was 2 weeks later!)

We will miss you Lee… You truly touched our hearts…