Sami Jo with her babies… “There’s nothing like the bond between a momma and her babies!”

As of July 2020….
“We have Officially RETIRED from breeding the Mastiffs!”
We do not have any puppies available and do not know anyone personally that has any available.
Hello everyone!  We are excited, yet sad to announce that we will no longer be breeding English Mastiffs.  After breeding these gentle giants for 12 years, we’ve realized that it can be quite a struggle accommodating their massive size and the daily handling can take a toll on a human’s body, LOL!
We have been working on retiring our girls over the past 2 years… The time has come to deliver our very last litter in July and then the girls will  be spayed and live out their lives as pampered princesses and couch potatoes.
If you’ve missed out on having a Mastiff from us, you can still be a part of our Turbo family:
We have recently started breeding some much smaller fur creatures known as the
“French Bulldog” aka “FRENCHIES
In the Frenchie world we are known as “Turbo Frenchies”
Check us out if you are looking to be taken over by a Frenchie-
They are an incredible breed that will win you over and keep you entertained.
Thanks to each and every Turbo Mastiff family member out there! Please keep in touch with updates and pictures- we LOVE getting them
The Mastiff babies have taught me what I know about breeding and raising puppies- each and every puppy has stamped my heart with memories!
This is very bittersweet for me in closing one chapter and starting a new one.
Much Love, Deanna




Meet ‘DEUCE’…..

“Wanna Shake?”


Deuce is a puppy that we produced from Bentley and Lexus….We are blown away with this guy’s beauty and size and still with 2 years to finish growing, we are over joyed and quite proud in what he is becoming.
To go along with his good looks, he has a personality that will completely steal your heart.
Deuce is owned by some friends that live close to us and we are blessed that they are allowing Deuce to help us in our upcoming breedings.

Please email for details, pricing & information on how to be placed on the waiting list!

Hudson, Hardy, Hagen, Henley (Sami Jo/Harley Litter)

Information about our litters….

We go to extremes in planning our litters. We take precaution to only have up to 2 litters at one time. Much dedication and time go into caring for the puppies, and we feel we can “keep up” with 2 litters.
When our females go into heat, we do progesterone testing to know exactly when they should ovulate. This gives you the perfect dates to breed.  Instead of “guessing” the due date, the results from the progesterone testing, helps you calculate a more accurate due date.

We confirm pregnancies by ultrasound, and later have an x-ray done to give us an idea of the litter size.   When we deliver naturally, we are there to assist the mom to deliver each and  every puppy. She is never left to do it all alone.


"Sami Jo" having an x-ray

“Sami Jo” having an x-ray

Recently, we have chosen to deliver by planned c-section for the majority of our litters.  This makes it easier on the mom and us too!

C-section eliminates the countless hours of being in labor,
(Sami Jo has the record of 36 hours of labor)
and saves the strength for the mom to take care of her babies.
It also helps rule out the complications you often run into with delivering naturally.
There are controversies on c-sections.
But we have “full faith” in our vet and his staff, to know that our mom and the puppies are in the best of hands!
Please email
or call 214-957-7752
DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone