We are crazy about out Mastiff babies, they are truly our kiddos…
Family and friends always
enjoy getting a personalized greeting from one of our crew!
We wanted to share a few with you to enjoy!
When the Mastiffs see me making a sign or grabbing a birthday hat, they each start wagging their tails,
they assume the position, patiently awaiting their treat!
Jew Jew, Harley and Lexus are all seasoned pros!
Sami Jo, wants to always lay down for a belly rub.
Pretty Girl desperatly wants the treat, but refuses to be 2′ away from you.
Getting a good picture from Pretty Girl is nearly impossible!


My Precious Sami Jo
Jew Jew
Celebrating my brother Tim &
Andrea’s 22 years together!
Jew Jew
Had to make sure Harley
would fit in around here!


Jew Jew.. See the slobber!
Lexus… Just before her 1st birthday
Pretty Girl- She is the hardest to get pictures of!


This was the puppy known as “LUCY” from Pretty Girl / Gus Litter. She happened to be here while we were celebrating a birthday. I attempted… The hat was smashed just after I snapped the picture!

Sami Jo… Lays down as soon as you get started-
Guess she figures she is too old for this now!
Yes, we are Cowboys Fans around here!
Jew Jew and Lexus wear their jerseys for every game!
Every time the Cowboys make a touch down, they get a weenie!



Harley Man



The puppy we called Hagen… Now known as “ATLAS”
We were celebrating a birthday… Was wearing the hat well! Then ran off & smashed the hat!
Hagen (Atlas) in his jammies and ready for bed!