The Crew at Turbo Mastiffs

We do not own Deuce, but we did produce this gorgeous guy!  He is owned by friends that live close by.
Deuce is a big ole’ boy with a big personality;  He is the protector of his family and patrols his yard very well…. Deuce has a huge heart and loves many, he is a great big clown!  He has a very comical personality and will keep you very well entertained.
We are VERY proud of this guy!




“Miss Cono”

 AKC Registered
 “Turbo’s Always Dressed to Impress- Miss Cono”
My sweet girl Cono… She catches everyone’s eye very quickly with her stunning beauty- between her thick body structure and her beautiful rare reverse brindle coloring, she is an eye catcher.  Then she finishes it off with her very sweet, gentle, laid back personality- Cono is a true SWEETHEART! It is very common for folks to fall in love with Cono!

A young Cono, dressing to impress!

Cono sitting, mom Jew Jew laying down

Cono sitting, mom Jew Jew laying down

AKC Registered
Trish came to us from a breeder in Missouri… We brought her home and one week later  we were hit by the tornado!
Trish has a very spunky, inquisitive personality…. Her funny antics help her to fit right in with our crazy bunch! Trish keeps us laughing!

We are proud to introduce our newest member…

“Turbo’s When Savannah Smiles”
‘Miss Savannah’
AKC Registered
Savannah is the newest member to our family.  She is a beautiful brindle girl with LOTS of personality! She is full of spunk and can keep herself entertained with her playfulness.  You simply can’t help but laugh by watching her.
Savannah never has a bad day and seems to always be SMILING
This girl still has over 2 years to finish growing. Her grand dad is a HUGE guy from Rockport Mastiffs out of Canada, so we are anxious to watch her grow!

Hard to believe we have been breeding long enough that we’ve reached the point that we have girls going into retirement 🙂
Below are our beloved girls that have retired from breeding and now are living their everyday lives of being pampered princesses!

—Jew Jew is officially RETIRED—

Living the life of a couch potato!

Never a dull moment with Jew Jew!

Jew Jew will turn 11 years old  November 2019… She may be gray in the face but she is still going strong chasing buckets and bowling balls across the yard!

Jew Jew is simply amazing. She came to live with us when she was 2 years old. She has a VERY outgoing personality. She never meets a stranger, always acts like everyone she meets is a long lost friend. She is very friendly & loving. She is full of energy and is always ready to play. She loves to play in the pond,constantly jumping in & out & chasing her toys. She loves to be squirted with the water hose! She has the most friendliest personality ever.

Jew Jew is a beautiful reverse brindle with outstanding Mastiff features. She is gorgeous & her wonderful personality is quite entertaining. She stands 30″ and weighs usually around 160 lbs. It is a task maintaining her weight, because she is so athletic & a very busy body.

Jew Jew steals everyone’s heart!


“LEXUS”- retired

Lexus has finished raising babies, is retired and is now living the life of a pampered princess.

She will turn 7 years old in July 2019

Baby Lexus


“PRETTY GIRL” – retired

Pretty Girl will turn 10 years old in August 2019… Although she is retired from raising babies, she is still on patrol and keeps all the dogs in line!

“Captain Pickles”
Pickles is officially RETIRED!
Daughter of our Gus and Jew Jew

“Turbo’s Always Miss-Behavin’ Captain Pickles”

Pickles is living the life of a Queen!
She lives with a family that has 2 of her pups from her first litter.
Pickles is seen often out on the town at dog-friendly restaurants or even out shopping at Nordstrom’s 🙂

This is Pickles as a baby at “6 weeks old”

“Sami Jo”
Sami Jo has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge….
Sami is where it all started with Turbo Mastiffs!



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