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  1. Turbo Mastiffs are amazing,we have gotten both of our girls from turbo,they both are amazing and well behaved gentle giant’s, I was so impressed with how much love and training they had when we picked them up,if we ever add a third,we wouldn’t go anywhere else, thank you Turbo mastiffs for our girls, we love them very much

  2. Deanna,
    We’re looking forward to hopefully bringing a fawn girl home from your next litter. Munchkin (aka as Tater) and Buddy (the kitten we got for Candi) miss our Candi as much as we do. Our home just doesn’t feel the same without two Mastiff children in it…can’t hardly wait to have a little girl to teach to snuggle with us. Munchkin is the king of snuggle with his two-legged sister.

    My husband said you have us on the wait list and he knows my heart has a giant hole in it since we lost Candi that can’t ever be filled but he also know we have more love to spread to a new baby.

  3. We got our sweet baby from Deanna in March 2011. Goliath, now 6yrs, was from Gus and Sami Jo’s liter of 13. In the picture she has posted, he said directly in the middle of the group, #7. We learned immediately after getting him home that Mastiffs are not like any other “dogs”. They are very smart, communicate needs very well and have SO much more personality and more human emotions. A little hard to explain, but I’d imagine other Mastiff owners understand what I mean? But he has always been raised and treated as our 3rd child, not as a pet. He use to have his own room and queen size bed, but after about 2 years old somehow that changed and he now sleeps every night between my husband and I in our king size bed. Way too spoiled…not recommended! Lol! I just recently found this site and just wanted to tell Deanna thank you for giving us such a wonderful family member so many years ago. He has changed our lives and hearts forever and we are praying for many many more healthy years together.

  4. this is sheriee and david- our baby atlas he is 3 now we are talking about adding a new baby now that he in his teens

  5. Deanna
    I can’t stop looking at your website. I love your plan, ideas, and the way you handle them. They are truly beautiful animals. We really want to take you up on your offer to visit with Nugent one day. I know you are in the midst of a lot. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  6. We got our boy Rusty.. (Rusty) around thanks giving time in 2012. He was part of Gus and Sami Jo baby and I can see the crossing legs.. from his mom and being the guardian like his dad.. he sleep with me and my husband every night and bring joy to my life everyday.. every where we go we got compliment of how beautiful he is. I am always educating people how gentle Mastiff are and that if you get them from the right breeder like turbo mastiff, they do not drull.

  7. I hope all is well since the tornado. I think of you often especially when my Tallulah (Emma) does something entertaining.
    She is loved very much. She apparently has a lot of her mothers personality traits. I tell people had empty nest syndrome so I bought one. She was supposed to be a dog but is more like a child than a dog. Stay well, Regards Rebecca White

  8. I got my girl from Turbo Mastiffs in Oct. 2016. She is amazing and beautiful. She has such an affectionate personality. I have never been a dog person, but I love her.

  9. If you’re looking for a breeder who’s not only knowledgeable about breeding this beautiful breed but helpful throughout the entire process call Deanna. From the first initial contact to the meet and greet this breeder was amazing! Our new puppy had even been on the right path to being potty trained. Deanna was working with her litters to make it easier when they transition to their new homes. Overall, you won’t be disappointed.

    Thank you so much for all that you did for us. You’re greatly appreciated Deanna.

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