FUN PICS………………

Just great pictures of this awesome boy Deuce

We are overjoyed knowing we produced this big guy- what an excellent representation of the Mastiff breed

Deuce-  he enjoys the Sunday Football games!

Savannah- this girl if full of goofiness and keeps us laughing!





Boomer and Isaic


Sully chilling in the pool… while visiting us from Abba’s Mastiffs

Jew Jew helping Decorate the porch for Santa!

Isaic and Jew Jew



‘Pregnancy Photo Shoots’ 

“Pretty Girl”



February 2017

We took Jew Jew on a little get away to Broken  Bow, Oklahoma…. she had a blast!

Jew with Justin     &       Jew with Deanna

Yep… the Princess had to have her bed by the camp fire!

And her favorite ladybug toy went everywhere with her!

It looks like Pickles is telling Bentley to behave himself! LOL


Bentley & Pickles- FUN IN THE CAR!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to YOURS!

Bentley + our grandson Isaic = BEST BUDS!

Bentley enjoying the pond on a warm day! 

November 2016




When the puppies are about 4 weeks old, they are taken out every evening for

“puppy play time!”

We all enjoy this special time to romp and play

Bentley 2 years old, Isaic 3 years old

As for our family, we LOVE the Dallas Cowboys! The whole family has jerseys, including the dogs! When the Cowboys get a touchdown, the dogs get a weenie! So when the room gets loud with excitement, the dogs run to the fridge!!

Jew Jew with her 2 daughters Pickles and Cono


Deep conversation between Isaic & Jew Jew about the game!

This game must have been “BORING!”


Pappy (Justin), Jew Jew & Isaic







Bentley went to visit our “Precious Me Maw!”

January 2016


Bentley is always such a “Gentle Gentleman” when he visits Me Maw…

Bentley says “Hold my hand MeMaw!”   🙂



Looking all “prim and Propper”!

Family Time in the living room!

… Now that’s ALOT of DOG!!!!

Such well behaved babies!!!

What about PRETTY GIRL????

We always wonder where is Pretty Girl in all of these pictures???

Well, to be honest she is usually in our LAPS! (lol)

Pretty Girl can be compared to EEYORE… she has her own pace, which is usually SLOW and It doesn’t take much to entertain her… She fits the normal description of a mastiff, which is COUCH POTATO! She likes to be close by you at all times, which can mostly mean she is in your lap! There are TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS of getting good pictures of Pretty Girl, because she follows your EVERY step!

Every so often we will hear a bark from her in the back yard  and to our surprise she is chasing a ball around!  Don’t see it very often, but she has her  moments!

“A Day in the life of JEW JEW

Jew Jew playing dress up with VAYDA!

The princess asleep in her chair!

Going for a ride with Daddy in the ole’ farm truck… (don’t forget the toy!)

 Enjoying the fire… She has such a tough life!

Bentley goes to WORK….

Bentley LOVES to go to the office with me…. he loves to visit with everyone and he NEVER meets a stranger!

(These pictures vary in Bentley’s age.)

A day in the life of Bentley at the office…

 As you can see, he is pretty comfortable at the office!

 Enjoying the car ride…

Just Chillin’ 

Company “Door Greeter”

Outside getting some fresh air, watching the squirrels go by!

Sami Jo



Jew Jew, Lexus, Harley




“Fun at Halloween”

Harley the HANDSOME FARMER (yes that is drool hanging from his mouth!)

&   Lexus the PRETTY FAIRY


Young Lexus “stands guard” looking over our nephew Colton while playing in the sand


Pretty Girl loves her babies!

“Simply Precious”

Lexus goes to “DOGGIE DAY CAMP!”


Pretty Girl & Sami Jo
These two are always hanging together…We call them the “Two Ole’ Hens”


Car ride on way home from getting our precious Lexus!

Lexus’ First Christmas… doesn’t she look so enthused over the reindeer ears??

Lexus during her first Heat Season
A VERY PREGO Lexus… her first litter!

Lexus LOVES her Colton!

Jew Jew, Gus, Pretty Girl

“GUS”… Such a Beauty!
Jew Jew & Gus taking a swim!
“Please, Just a few more minutes?”
“Pretty Girl”

Never Ever a dull moment with Jew Jew…
She will play with anything over and over until she destroys it!

Gus & Sami Jo (both of them around 1 1/2 years old)


“Can I take the hat off now???”

Sami- As always, wants to lay down! LOL




Jew says “I’m Sleepy”


” Say Cheese!”
Pretty Girl says”Serious Look!”
Jew Jew & Pretty Girl”


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