This picture is our Bentley visiting with a kind State Policeman that dropped by to check on us days after the tornado hit our house in April 2017

Trixie (Gus & Jew Jew Litter)
About us…..
We are the Douthits! (Justin & Deanna) 
Our hearts were stolen by the English Mastiff breed….
We are a small breeder located in Canton, which is in East Texas, about 50 miles east of Dallas.
We strive to produce Mastiffs with nice size and bone structure, along with wonderful loving, fun-filled temperments.
Our place is not a commercial based breeding facility.
Our Mastiffs are known to us as our kiddos, they are each in our everyday lives. They all live both inside and outside at our home.
We share our house with them, including our couch & our bed!
They even have a bedroom that they share.
The love and affection that we share with these guys is so rewarding. There is a very special bond that you can have with this breed.
Each of our Mastiffs are a member of our family.
Each of them have their own distinct personality, bringing
us much happiness to our lives each and every day.
Our guys are always right under our feet. They are each waiting to see who will be the first to grab the spot on the couch next to you. They will anxiously await to see who gets chosen to go for a ride in Daddy’s truck, hoping the trip will be to McDonald’s.
But their absolute favorite thing to do is to go play out in the pond for “Family Time”.
They love spending hours out at the pond.
Harley, Jew Jew & Lexus will spend their time racing after the toys, over & over. This is a very serious competition between them.
While Pretty Girl & Sami Jo always like taking it easy. After the two of them take their stroll walking in the pond, they like to lay out and sun bathe taking it easy!
If you have shared your life with a Mastiff before, then you know the special bond one will have with a Mastiff.
A Mastiff will totally steal your heart!







DISCLAIMER:We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone