Turbo Mastiffs is celebrating

10 YEARS!!!

Hard to believe that 2019 is 10 years for us be producing these lovable gentle giants

(This page is a little late…. 2019 was a busy and rough year for us… please be patient as this is a work in progress!)

These are pics of puppies we have produced ALL GROWN UP!

TURBO Families—- please email me current pics of your babies- If you would like to send their puppy picture also, that would be great.

It will be exciting to see pics of all of the fur-babies!!!


Trish x Deuce Litter

“Fleur” (puppy name Layken)


“NORMAN”– puppy name was LUXX

“GRACIE”– puppy name was Lettie

Deuce x Trish Litter

“Miss La’Rue”– puppy name was Andrea


Lily- the smallest preemie we’ve had!

Bentley x Lexus


LOLA– (Bentley x Lexus)

3 years old

Sully x Trish

“Ruby and Lucy”

Remy ( Jasper x Trish)



Gus x Pretty Girl- Pretty Girl’s FIRST litter of pups

RIP Sweet Scotia Girl


(Jasper x Pretty Girl- she was Pretty Girl’s last baby)

Memphis (Bentley x Lexus)

Memphis- never a dull moment with this big guy around!!!


Gus x Jew Jew- this one takes you way back!

6 years 8 months old

8 weeks old

Remember Preston from the Trish x Jasper litter?

Now known as Capone– this boy is a 220lb gorgeous guy